Sunday, August 11, 2013


Why do you mismatch your socks, earrings and even shoes on occasion?
Because life is too short to waste time matching socks. And mis-matching earrings are fun. The mis-matched shoes was an accident that I discovered as I was putting them on and decided to wear them anyway because, again, life is short and I'm making the most of it.

What is a therapeutic way for you to de-stress?

I de-stress by eating a pint (yes, the whole pint!) of my favorite Ciao Bella pistachio ice cream. I also  like puddle jumping in the rain and screaming at the top of my lungs. ;-)

What's your favorite color skittle and/or M&M?
I like ALL the colors/flavors of M&M's but I think my favorite color/flavor with skittles (the original package, since there's so many different kinds of skittles now) are the green and orange ones. I do NOT eat purple skittles. Ever. I hate grape-flavored stuff.

What are some things that make you incredibly happy every time you think about them?

What makes me happy changes depending on the moment because it doesn't really take a lot to get me excited but some things that make me happy right now are: memories and pictures from my recent trips, my butterfly necklace, ice cream, and the ways that God is using me in the lives of others makes me incredibly happy when I think about it

Why do you like butterflies so much?
Read this post here because that much sums it up. Other reasons are because they're colorful, they can fly, they don't bite or sting and they're so pretty and unique. 

Best birthday?

When I turned 22, my boss sent me on an errand to get me out of the office and then my co-workers decorated my door with balloons and purple stars to surprise me when I got back. After a scavenger hunt through the different departments, I was then blindfolded and kidnapped for lunch. I was given all my favorites: an open-faced roast beef sandwich smothered in mushrooms, the most amazing nutella fudge and a very large zebra striped cup! Then I was blindfolded and kidnapped again by my friends later that evening and given a surprise princess party with a big cake, ice cream and lots of gift-bearing friends. 

What's with the zebra stripes?
What do you mean, what's with the zebra stripes? It's the most awesome pattern ever! And that's why my sheets, my pillowcase, my hairdryer, my jewelry bag, my jacket, five of my shirts, one of my purses, three of my bandanna's, several pairs of my earrings, my luggage, my socks and my favorite roll of duct tape is patterned with zebra stripes. 

How old were you the first time you left the U.S.?
Nine or ten years old. My family moved to Italy and we were there for two years. I didn't go outside the U.S. again until this summer when I went to Mexico.

If you could only describe yourself with sounds, what would you use?
I would describe myself with this sound, this sound, and this soundAnd if for whatever reason, you can't hear the sounds I linked to, they are: a little kid laughing, a body falling down the stairs, and applause.

What's the scariest thing you've ever done?
Hmmm... I guess I would have to say getting a full-time waitressing job after being very sick and bed-ridden for almost a year and half.  The whole "getting back into life" thing was pretty scary for me.

If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

I think I would be a fairy of some sort... with big butterfly wings so I could fly. And whenever I flew into walls, which would happen often because I'm a bit klutzy, I would turn into a puff of powdered sugar and float away in the wind before coming back together again. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Israel. And more specifically, Jerusalem. Because I want to see the Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked. 

What's the farthest you've traveled (from where your family currently lives) North, South, East and West?

Farthest North and East is Alaska. Farthest South is Oaxaca, Mexico. Farthest West is Austria. 

Is there anything you wouldn't do for $1,000,000?
Given the situation, and if I was desperate enough, there's probably not a whole lot that I wouldn't do.

Can you tap dance? 

Unfortunately, no.

Do you ever get tired of all your shoes?

Never. I do, however, get tired of not finding a matching pair because I don't keep my shoes all together so they get all jumbled up and it gets annoying when I'm in a hurry and can't find my other shoe. That's when I just mis-match them. ;-)

What's something you never thought you'd do, but now you've actually done?
Going to STEP. Never thought I would do that, never wanted to do that, but I after attending last summer, I'm really glad I did. Not so much because of all the great things God did during the program but more because of what has happened after STEP and the opportunities I've been able to have because of that.

Biggest life-changing moment for you?

I can't really name the "biggest" life-changing because all of the moments that have changed my life have done so in different ways so I can't really compare and say which one was more life-changing then the other. The first one that comes to mind right now was choosing to volunteer for a year at a ministry center. God has used a lot of moments during this past year.

What's your favorite color? 
Purple, lime green, orange, yellow and bright blue. And glitter. :-D 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'll give y'all a heads-up before the next random post so you can be a part of the fun! 

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